Sunday, July 5, 2015

Slow and steady wins the race

A few things have set me back a bit.

1.) Procrastination. I'm a professional procrastinator. This is a partial shot of my room right now.

And I haven't even touched the kitchen, yet. Oy. Tomorrow, Monday, I'm supposed to be putting boxes into my storage unit. By Tuesday, I should have everything packed in there and locked up.

Can I just say that I hate clothes? This is the MAJORITY of my problem. Then add in this nostalgic half-problem where I have to keep things because they might be something I'll want in the future, and I'm overwhelmed like an overcooked bowl of oatmeal.

2.) Money. No real surprise there, but for once, When I did the RESPONSIBLE thing, I paid for it. Or, well, I'm not able to pay for anything else, I guess. I knocked out all of my bills for July(yay!) but then forgot that I have $25 I need for checking my bag on the airline on Wednesday, AND the $58 I need for the Storage Unit. Bonus, though, I paid my entire bill for my comprehensive car insurance. It only cost me about $38 for 6 months. It's like... a steal. Woop!

3.) Unfortunately, that SUPER ADORBS Fan Photo that I had for my card wasn't accepted. Bummer. So I guess when the opportunity arises again, It's back to Hogwarts, I go! No big deal, I suppose. It's a gorgeous picture. But Copyright issues with Disney were the culprit. Banks are so picky, and I just want to be nerdy.

Did I ever mention that what I SHOULD be doing right now is making a bit of a catalog of my boxes? Yeah. So my mom can find things if she needs to, when I need her to get the jackets, foundation, or random costumes I might need.

Imma go do that now.

Well, After I tell you guys that leaving church and my Crosspoint Kiddos today was SUPER bittersweet.

This proves to me that what we do in church makes a difference in these kids lives.

Gunner, one of my favorites, was so cute when I said Goodbye. He said "Why do you guys have to go? First Greg, then you." (Greg was another leader who also got an awesome job opportunity) I explained that we both were just blessed with new opportunities, and Gunner said "You'll be there for one day. And then you'll come back. And then Greg will come back the next day." Haha! So adorable. We're going to miss that charming child.

Ok. Now for Cataloging. meh.